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Release agents for the plastic and rubber processing industries.

Reputation for quality products service and support.
Innovative philosophy.
Ongoing research and development.
"Custom made" products.
Strong commercial structure.
Anti-tacks for batch off
water soluble liquid soap anti-tacks
water based pre-dispersed anti-tacks
Release agents for tire industry
semipermanent solvent based release agents for tire building machine
water based internal tire paints
semipermanent solvent and water based mold release agents
solvent and water based monocomponent bladder lubricants
varnishes for tire masking and repair
Semi-permanents release agents
solvent and water based release agents for injection, compression and transfer molding of technical and rubber to metal bonded articles
Release agents for hoses
water based, ready to use mandrel lubricant for short and shaped hoses
solvent and water based for rigid mandrels
water based for flexible polypropylene, polyester, rubber and nylon mandrels
Release agents for belts
water based dilutable for autoclave curing
solvent and water based semipermanent release agents for presses
solvent and water based monocomponent bladder lubricants
Processing aids
liquid , flakes and pearls for VAMAC, fluoroelastomers, ECO, NBR and HNBR compounds
siliconic emulsions
solvent based semipermanents release agents for plastic materials by rotational molding ( PE, PP, PVC, Nylon )
release agents for natural and synthetic latex foams
Product Selection Guide for Rubber
Application Release Agent
General Purpose Marbocote W616
Most durable (most releases per application) Marbocote W1141
Rubber to Metal bonding Marbocote W606
High slip, difficult to release,
rubbers e.g. HNBR, chlorinated etc
Marbocote W636
W630 or W631
Dilutable product Marbocote WC36
Highest gloss: mold >248°F
                     mold <248°F
Marbocote W636
Marbocote 75ECO
Lowest gloss (matte) Marbocote W610
Room temp or cool mold (<248°F) Marbocote 75ECO
Hard to coat Molds (intricate detail
or hard to reach surfaces) Requiring High Slip >248°F
Marbocote 175HT




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